Here is where I will showcase all my projects, whether they're personal, from a Hackathon, etc.

PurchaseViz (In-progress)

Technologies used: Vue.js, Node.js, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Authentication and Firebase Hosting.

PurchaseViz is a web application focused on providing a user-friendly way to track your purchases, visualize trends, and create budgets. I was inspired to make this after using one of my favorite products, Mint, for a long time. I thought it would be a good way to expose myself to the entire web development process and all the technologies used.

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Campus Maps (Hack K-State 2019)

Technologies used: Google Cloud Platform, Django.

Campus Maps is a project that I collaborated on with three of my friends at Hack K-State 2019. For all of us, it was our very first Hackathon, which was both an exciting and intimidating experience.

Our project solves the problem of interior campus building navigation, something that we all struggled with especially as freshmen. Since we found that there was currently no system in place that provided students with an interactive map of campus buildings, we decided to create a web application that did so. Campus Maps allows users to upload blueprints of a building interior in an SVG format. The blueprint is then automatically cleaned to remove extraneous parts such as words/numbers that don't give any meaning to the user. We then used information from the parsed SVG file to detect and highlight each room when a user hovered over it, as well as enabling a user to search for a specific room.

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